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In the fitness and well-being industry constantly evolving, affiliate marketing has come up as a powerful channel for enthusiasts and professionals to monetize passion. Fitness affiliate programs allow a person to avail themselves of the opportunity to earn a commission if they can promote and endorse a particular health and fitness product. A look into the top 10 affiliate programs for fitness details below will go in-depth and uncover an all-round view of each, along with pinning out their uniqueness.

Amazon Associates – Fitness Category

Commission Rate: Varies

Of course, the Amazon affiliate program is one of the titans within this world of online retail, and fitness is decidedly no exception. With hundreds of thousands if not millions of available products related to workout gear, supplements, and everything in between, affiliates just have a field day promoting all their wares. This is facilitated by varied commission structures and thus one can make good money out of it.

ClickBank – Health and Fitness

  • Commission Rate: Up to 75%
  • Overview: ClickBank is host to millions of digital items sprawling through quite a variety of niches. The Health and Fitness niche comprises a diverse range of digital e-books, online courses as well as fitness programs. Affiliates can potentially earn money from high commission rates, while the platform is newbie-friendly.

Myprotein Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rate: Up to 8%
  • About: Myprotein is a renowned fitness brand for high-protein supplements, protein powders, and athletic wear. The company offers good commissions, gym exclusives, strong conversion rates, and well-converting, user-friendly websites to affiliates. Having an outstanding reputation and creating quality products are the factors that make the Myprotein affiliate program one of the most attractive for every fitness lover.

Aaptiv Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rate: $15 per sale
  • Overview: Aaptiv is a well-established audio fitness app with hundreds of workout classes in it. This is a direct and very profitable program that pays affiliates through $15 for each sale through them. The provider enjoys the support of a big audience while holding a solid overall review by its users. Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rate: Up to 15%
  • is an e-retailer identified for a diversified portfolio in dietary supplements, workout gear, and apparel. The commission hierarchy keeps the affiliates motivated to refer increased trafficking for better sales performance while the brand recognition keeps supporting conversion.

Fitbit Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rate: Up to 12%
  • Overview: Fitbit is a leading brand in the fitness tracking industry. The affiliate program offers great commissions on sales of devices and accessories from Fitbit. With increasing popularity of wearable devices to track fitness, one can hope to make hay by promoting Fitbit products as an affiliate.

Rogue Fitness Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rate: 5% on most products
  • Overview: Rogue Fitness is a leading supplier of quality strength and conditioning equipment. Even where the commission rate may seem low, the mean order value for fitness equipment typically translates to lucrative returns for affiliates. The strength and conditioning durability and performance reputation associated with the brand enhances credibility in promoting it.

Bowflex Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rate: 7%
  • General: Bowflex provides numerous products as home fitness equipment that includes home gyms and adjustable dumbbells. As such, affiliates have a chance of making a reasonable commission on the sales due to this noble recognition of the brand in this country’s home fitness industry.

Gymshark Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rate: Up to 10%
  • Review: Gymshark is just an international phenomenon when it comes to fitness apparels. This affiliate program is all about great exaggerations on commissions with sales related to stylish and performance activewear. With a very strong online footprint besides its massive social media follower-base, affiliates can ride the wave of popularity to the benefit of their sales.

Nutrisystem Affiliate Program

  • Commission Rate: $45 per sale
  • Basic information: Nutrisystem is a well-known brand that operates in the field of weight loss and meal deliveries. The type of activity selected will be rewarded to each affiliate with the corresponding commissions on all sales referred through his or her affiliate links. The simplicity of the program, combined with the reputation of the brand, makes it a very attractive option for people in the fitness and weight loss niche.


Based on the aforementioned reasons, and the product’s appeal, navigating the fitness affiliate space allows a great way to monetize one’s passion for health and well-being. These top 10 fitness affiliate programs provide good ranged options whether you are interested in promoting a wide variety of goods through Amazon Associates or focusing on specific niches, such as fitness apps, supplementation, or apparel.

With the continuing growth in the fitness industry, affilates can take advantage of these programs in order to make commisions and also play a part in the health and well-being of their audience. Fitness affiliates can leverage this lucrative niche market by partnering with reputable brands and creating engaging content.

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